Which 3ds flashcards support the lastest firmware 3ds 11.11?

Which 3ds flashcards support the lastest firmware 3ds 11.11?

Only 3ds flashcards can play 3ds ROMs on Nintendo 3ds/3dsxl/2ds/2dsxl, so which 3ds flashcards are compatible with the latest firmware 3ds 11.11?

History of the first flashcard for 3D games

The first card for 3D games is the Gateway 3DS and not an R4 (the best-known linker). Released by an unknown team until then to the surprise of everyone. A few months later came the clones of this map that have the same characteristics as the Gateway. Team R4i manufacturer of the famous R4i gold 3ds rts (for games dsi on all consoles) has released his card linker 3D: the r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition, the MT card (Team hitherto unknown) and finally the 3DS Link (also unknown).

Unfortunately, they are far from meeting the expectations of owners of 3DS / XL consoles. Indeed, a major disadvantage of these cards, they “work” only on the 3DS / XL version 4.1 to 4.5 and not on the new 2DS nor the other 3DS / XL more recent. In addition, what is expected of a real Linker is a simple operation which is not the case at the moment. In the pack, there are 2 cards one blue and one red card. There are several steps before you can play a 3D game. The first card will be used (via its micro sd with gateway files) to configure the console in Gateway mode (several files to install). Then, you have to put other files on an SD card of the console, then you start the mode Gateway (blue card inserted). Finally, you need another micro sd to format in fat 32 to receive the copies of 3D games, etc. You will understand that it is not easy for a neophyte (I made a shortcut in my explanations) and even less for a child especially since these operations must be done every time you leave the mode Gateway.

A True flashcard for 3ds games compatible with NEW 3DS/XL, 3DS/XL AND 2DS

Finally, an excellent product so expected for consoles 3ds/xl and 2ds. This card will allow you to play all your 3DS games (in 3D on the New 3DS / XL and the 3DS / XL and in 2D on the 2DS). Unlike the first linkers for 3ds games, the new sky3ds+ is very easy to use, just copy/paste the games on the micro sd using the disk writer software (available on the website of the manufacturer of the card).

New element and not least, the card is no longer limited to support 10 games. Indeed, you can put as many games as support micro sd you put (from 4 to 128go).

Everything works perfectly, just press the switch to change the game (small blue button on the map).

The only downside is its high price. Indeed, this powerful product still has no serious competitor (note that the Gateway card is far exceeded by the sky 3ds+ which remains THE linker 3ds par excellence).

Actually, there is another 3ds card which supports 3ds and ds games, called Stargate 3ds, but I don’t recommend it, because of the many bugs in it.

It is therefore normal that its price remains high with no competitor in this market. But the quality is there and we hope that its price will fall quickly!