11 Tips To Avoid Car Insurance Scams And Frauds

If there is one thing you should learn after reading this article is that victims of car insurance fraud always pay. There are a number of cheap car insurance in Maryland. However, don’t let this fool you. Read on to learn more about the top tips to consider when avoiding car insurance scams and frauds.

Watch out for fake agents

Insurance frauds are performed by fake agents. If you can identify a fake agent, then you can avoid yourself the headache that comes with being the victim of insurance scams.

Identify a Robocall

It is said that around 2.4 million robocalls are performed each month. The caller of a robocall would usually offer you a discount on a very cheap car insurance in Maryland because of your stellar driving record.

Do not give out personal information

Stemming from the previous point, should you receive a robocall, identifying it is only the first step. You have to be wary of the answers you provide to the caller. Do not give them any personal information as they may use this to gain access to any of your accounts.

Research, research, and research!

Avoidance of any scam comes from proper research. If you know what you are looking for and what a certain price allows you, you wouldn’t be too vulnerable when a con tries to fool you with an exciting offer – this leads us to our next point.

Know everything about the policy

Knowledge of the auto policy also lowers your chances of becoming a victim in these car insurance scams and frauds. Make a habit of reading the policy and fully understanding what it means. This includes its scope and limitations.

Watch out for any “Staged Rear-Endings”

As the name suggests, these are staged accidents. Scammers are behind these so that they can cash in on you. In most rear-ending scenarios, the rear driver always pays.

Never follow other cars too closely

One way to avoid staged rear-ending scenarios is to never follow other cars too closely. Be sure to provide plenty of room in cases of an abrupt stop.

Be skeptic of the prices offered

A general rule that most people follow is to pay attention to the price being offered. If it is too cheap or too good to be true, then there is a possibility that it could be a scam.

Watch out for excessive mechanic repairs

At times, shady mechanics will use every opportunity to pocket in your money. They would provide inaccurate estimates for your repairs or use imperfect replacement parts. To avoid this, only go to car repair shops that you trust.

Pay attention to unnecessary medical claims

Much like the previous point, there are times when you are charged with unnecessary medical claims. To avoid this, work with your insurer in providing the right evidence for your case.

Seek out transparency

Finally, always pay attention to the level of transparency in any transaction involved with cheap car insurance in Maryland. The more transparent they are, the more trustworthy they can be.

In the end, you have to be familiar with what to look out for, what to avoid, and what you are entitled to.

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