Why Diamond is the Best Choice for an Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, diamond has always been one of the most popular choices. Yes, there are other options available, however, nothing could be compared with the class of a diamond. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings, in that case, Alexander Sparks should be your one-stop destination. They are regarded to be as one of the best online stores to be dealing in high-quality diamond rings. Over the years, they have made a name for themselves as one of the most trusted and reputed players in this domain.

What makes diamond a special stone is the fact that it comes with some unique characteristics. This is the reasons, as to why diamonds have a special place in the domain of jewelry and they are so expensive! However, there are other substitutes available in the market, which can offer color and brightness of diamond. There are different types of synthetic gems available, which can be used as an alternative to diamond. Some of the most common ones to be used are Moissanite and Zirconia. Though, these gems can offer you the glow and shine, which you are looking for; however, when it comes to overall appearance, look and class; they don’t stand a chance in front of diamonds.

In the following section, you will be offered some details, which will help you understand the basic differences between diamonds and these two stones.

Why Diamond is the Best Option for Engagement Rings?

When it comes to making jewelries, diamond is the most popular stone to be used, and for obvious reasons. Its beauty, grace, class and durability are some of the factors which have made diamond one of the most desired gems over the centuries. Diamond is made of one chemical element, which is carbon. Diamonds are formed beneath the surface of the earth, under tremendous temperature and pressure. As far as hardness of diamond is concerned, it is 10 Mohs and is considered to be as one of the hardest and toughest minerals to be ever found. The fact that it is so hard and durable, makes it last for a long period of time, without getting affected by scratches or other kinds of physical damages.

Another important feature of diamond is the fact that it is highly resistant to heat. Diamond can be melted under extreme temperature, which is 5,500 degree centigrade. This means, the chances of diamond disappearing from Earth is next to zero! Besides, the excellent optical properties which diamonds have, also make them so expensive. The refractive index of diamond is 2.417 – 2.419 and its dispersion index is 0.044. These are the two characteristics of diamond which makes it sparkle and generate light bursts.

Important Features of Diamond

A shining diamond is indicative to the fact that the stone has the ability to refract and bend light. When light get into the interior of a diamond, it tends to bounce and gets refracted by the table. Diamond is a natural stone, and hence it comes in variable qualities. Diamonds which are categorized as better quality, contain lesser number of impurities, they have cuts which enhances the overall look and brilliance of the gem, and they are colorless. More prominent these features are, more expensive would be the diamond. For the purpose of assessing value of a diamond, there is a standard that has been set by GIA, which is known as 4Cs. These 4Cs are used to classify the qualities of a diamond. The 4Cs include; Carat, Color, Cut and Clarity.

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Moissanite is nothing but an Imitation

Like diamond, Moissanite is also a natural stone; which are believed to have come from other galaxies. However, they can synthesized artificially in the labs. A French Scientist, by the name of Henri Moissan was the one who discovered it. The gem which he created in his lab contained huge amount of silicon carbide, which was one of the major drawbacks of this stone. However, after many years, better quality could be produced and they are now used in the jewelry industry at a massive amount.

What makes Diamond a Better Option?

It is true that Moissanite is an affordable alternative to diamond; however, there are some striking differences between the two; brilliance and composition are the two which needs to be mentioned. Moissanite comes with a hardness of 9.25 Mohs, which is lesser than that of diamond.

Moissanite produces colored shine, which is a clear indication that it is an artificial gem. On the other hand, when it comes to diamonds, they are known for refracting white lights. There is a also another distinctive difference between the two; the cut used in diamond is far more superior in terms of quality than the ones used in Moissanite. Moissanite comes with a more shallower cut.

Moissanite can be used as a substitute to diamond, but is a substitute, nevertheless. You will never get the grace, class and shine which diamond has to offer from Moissanite.

Zirconia – Nothing More than a Substitute

Zirconia, which is a natural element, and colorless, is extremely rare, and comes with a composition of zirconium oxide. This crystal is most commonly used in the making of Cubic Zirconia, which is nothing but a synthetic gem, which is manufactured in the laboratories since mid 70s. As far as intimation of diamond is concerned, Zirconia is believed to be the closest one. The hardness of this stone is 8.5 Moh, which is far lesser than that of a diamond.


It is quite evident that as compared to other alternatives available in the market, Diamond is a far better option; both in terms of quality and well as durability.  Therefore, if you are planning to buy an engagement ring, there can be no better option than a diamond. Even a less expensive diamond is a far better option that Zirconia and Moissanite. In terms of variations, there are different types of diamonds which are available in the market. Visit the online stores to get some idea about what they have in store for you.